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Students of bronze casting will usually work in direct wax, where the model is made in wax, possibly formed over a core, or with a core cast in place, if the piece is to be hollow. If no mould is made and the casting process fails, the artwork will also be lost.

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After the metal has cooled, the external ceramic or clay is chipped away, revealing an image of the wax form, including core pins, sprues, vents, and risers. All of these are removed with a saw and tool marks are polished away, and interior core material is removed to reduce the likelihood of interior corrosion. Incomplete voids created by gas pockets or investment inclusions are then corrected by welding and carving.

Small defects where sprues and vents were attached are filed or ground down and polished. A model of an apple in wax. This is the first step of the lost-wax casting process in bronze. The sculpture of the apple, just extracted from its mould. Below is the funnel through which the bronze was poured upside down.

This is the last step of the lost-wax casting process. For a large sculpture, the artist will usually prepare small study models until the pose and proportions are determined. An intermediate-sized model is then constructed with all of the final details. For very large works, this may again be scaled to a larger intermediate.

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Finally, plaster, clay or other material is used to form the full-size model, from which a mould may be constructed. Alternatively, a large refractory core may be constructed, and the direct-wax method then applied for subsequent investment. Before modern welding techniques, large sculptures were generally cast in one piece with a single pour.

Welding allows a large sculpture to be cast in pieces, then joined. After final polishing, corrosive materials may be applied to form a patina , a process that allows some control over the colour and finish.

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Another form of sculptural art that uses bronze is ormolu , a finely cast soft bronze that is gilded coated with gold to produce a matte gold finish. Ormolu was popularized in the 18th century in France and is found in such forms as wall sconces wall-mounted candle holders , inkstands, clocks and garnitures. Ormolu wares can be identified by a clear ring when tapped, showing that they are made of bronze, not a cheaper alloy such as spelter or pewter.

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The Orator , c. Aulus Metellus , an Etruscan man wearing a Roman toga while engaged in rhetoric ; the statue features an inscription in the Etruscan alphabet. Patinated bronze above and ormolu below Empire style clock, c. Balance by David Ascalon shows how reactive chemicals applied to the metal create a marbleized blue surface.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bronze sculpture in Tbilisi , Georgia.

An Introduction to Indian Bronzes by David Bennie

Publishers, New York, p. Archived from the original on Copper and bronze in art: Some extremely important commissions were made in electrotypes, such as the "bronzes" that adorn the Opera, Paris, and the cm high statue of Prince Albert and four accompanying figures, erected behind the Albert Hall in London as a memorial to the Great Exhibition of Note that the Memorial to the Great Exhibition was originally erected in the garden of the Royal Horticultural Society, and moved to its present location around Retrieved from " https: Bronze sculptures Casting manufacturing.

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Greek Bronzes and the Rise of Artistic Realism: Power and Pathos Exhibit