Dota 2 ranked matchmaking explained

This whole load of shit couldve been avoided if Valve thought for 1 day on it before going ahead and butchering the region. Does Matchmaking system match players for the game based on their medals top result or by their current mmr values in Stats tab?

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I think the seasons has multiple services: So i calibrated my party rank and i get legend 5 and my new part mmr is Will the medal change after i calibrate my solo and it get higher? Your medal will rank up get more stars, then after 5 stars become next medal every time you improve and win a lot, for 6 months. Thanks for the answer.

But what i mean is for now my rank is legend 5 because i calbritate my party only. Let say if i calbriate my 10 tbd game solo and get higher than my current new party mmr. Will the badge change? Even if you calibrate as Legend[5] in solo queue, you can still rank up to Divine[5] by playing well and winning a lot at any time in the following 6 months. You can also play in party between solo queue matches, that won't have any negative effects but won't upgrade your medal if you're already Legend[5] or higher.

I will try finish my solo tbd first and see if my medal will change or not if i get higher mmr than my party. The fuck so we dont lose ranks anymore? It's only the medal image displayed on your profile, the e-peen measure, that doesn't change. Your actual ranking, the thing that matters for matchmaking, changes. So yeah, people who only care about e-peen will troll, but there's still incentive to play well for people who care about match quality and their real ranking, which is probably most people.

Dota MATCHMAKING is BROKEN — Miracle Rank 20 matched with Unranked

Thanks for all of these information. I have a question: Which medal will I earn after calibration. Depends if you calibrate solo or party.

It should be easier to get a better medal by playing Solo Ranked, but your party MMR is pretty high, might be no difference in your case. Your performance in both Party and Solo games is considered when evaluating your skill and determining when your Medal gets upgraded, with Solo games having a bigger impact. I think both your solo and party rank will affect you calibration games, you'll get games that start between the 2 numbers and start calibrating from there.

Thanks for this, I have one more question though. Thanks again for any insight people. I think the "weighed" part is about upgrading your medal: So it's up to you, you have 6 months to upgrade your medal. Solo seems like a more reliable way to get a "good" medal right away, but who knows how exactly it all works. Depends on your party members too.

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I think it's a bug in the system, the medals are awarded only after a win, so if you lose your last calibration game, the system won't function properly and instead you would need to win 1 more game. My old solo and party was above 5k and i am playing party games right now.

Does this affects me to not be able to get 2 highest badges since party doesnt have any influence on those 2. Yes, you can only get Legend[5] medal playing Party Ranked. Then if you want a better medal you need to play Solo. You still have 6 months to upgrade your Medal at any time. I believe these are separate MMR calibrations, so your choices initially are: Once you calibrated in either of those and got a Medal, you can upgrade your Medal by playing well in either Solo or Ranked.

Also, why do we have 2 MMRs solo and ranked for what I understood of the blog that they both count for the medal except the last 2 Medals. Matchmaking only uses MMR, not Medals. But once you have a Medal, you can upgrade it by playing well and raising your MMR in both solo and ranked.


Yes, the Medal is your best achievement in a season, your peak Rank. Current MMR might be much lower resulting in you playing with lower skill players "Crusaders".

It's possible that after 11 or 12 matches you get your Medal anyway even finishing with a loss, if the system will decide it has enough data, but wins seem like the fastest way. Should be, no real changes to MMR. It's mostly just hidden everywhere other than Profile Stats. What happens if I play 10 ranked party queue before callibrating solo?

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  7. Will it affect my soloq medal? You will get a medal, but it might be not as good as if you played solo queue. At the same time, you have 6 months to improve your medal, in either solo or party queue, so no real downside to playing with your friends. Herald is inevitable for us, isn't it? I still have 2 games left to callibrate, so I could as well complete the soloq first. Thanks for the info. It doesn't really matter, the medal is mostly cosmetic and the end result is the same, for example:.

    Matchmaking - Dota 2 Wiki

    OR Calibrate solo as Crusader, play with a friend against Heralds, then against Guardians, then improve as a party and play against Crusaders later on. It actually might be more fun to upgrade your medal with friends, and you have 6 months where you can jump into solo queue at any time and get a Crusader Medal, if it takes longer as party.

    You will probably play solo at some point in the next 6 months anyway, why grind it now and make your friends wait? The end result is the same: You will get a Medal based on how well you do in calibration. And calibration is based on your MMR.

    It's also likely that your Season 1 Medal will be written forever on your profile, as your peak rank for the season. I explain here why I think the new system was implemented to combat MMR inflation. They still get MMR when they lose, which means they will be playing with worse players bracket below you. And you can still report them.

    Welcome to Reddit,

    No, party queue has a separate MMR. If you lose a lot of party matches, your solo MMR doesn't change. I feel like such a noob right now for asking this but I had a medal show up after 1 game yesterday? How many games does it take to find your rank? It was a bug, people were getting Herald medals just like you. It takes 9 matches plus 1 win to get your real medal and finish the calibration.

    Matchmaking/Seasonal Rankings

    I think it should be removed anyways. People playing PUB because they grinding for some points for purchasing boxes. And here we all right now having Medal System. If you play 10 party games and get a medal , and then calibrate 10 solo games , does your medal change if you achieved a better one in solo or vice versa? Not sure whether you can recalibrate solo over party or vice versa, but I doubt it'll allow you to recalibrate once you do.

    I know some MMR systems use not only a rating but a variance parameter, similar to when you calibrate, that will pit you against better and better players or worse and worse compared to your current rating and give you a bigger boost when you win, if you're on a major streak. Click here to recheck and delete this comment! What if I was 5k solo and 1k party, and I finish my 10 party games first before my solo? Will I start off with a herald badge and then upgrade to ancient suddenly after I finish my solo games?

    The calibration should know you are 5k, even for party. Depends on your party members, though, if they are 0. If I made a new account, is the maximum calibration cap still in place? Meaning I can't get higher than the medal equivalent of 3. I'm about to make a choice between playing on my main which is in lp and the very depths of hidden pool or starting a new acc. That should be above average in Dota. That should be well above average in Dota.

    On a second thought, Legend[5] is 4.