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My War With Israel, Art and Legend, I am doing a project on Jordan aswell as above and again this site was very usufull.

This site helped me in more ways than one on my project thank you soo much: Thank you soooo much whoever made this site! I am doing a very long research project on Jordan and I could almost finish the notes for my project just by using the information from this site!

I was also able to show it to my friends which were also doing Jordan. I find the language very easy to understand especially since I am not a native english speaker. Thank you, thank you, and again thank you XD. Thank you so much!!! This site was really a great help for me!! It gave me the info. Thank you for the information. I got an A on my jordanian project about culture. This article was very useful!! Thank you so much! It helped me a lot on my essay im doing!

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I got a lot of information from the article, but I could not find any thing about Jordans goverment. But any ways thanks alot. The information was totally right, except for the martial issues, marriages do not go this way. This helped me alot on my Semester project in history. This website had everything i needed to do my reasearech. Thanks whoever wrote this. THis website really comes in handy when you need it.

I really had a hard time finding a good website with imformation that will help me do my report for gov't class.

The only problem with this site is the gender roles and marital statuses. That information is like 60 years old.

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Everything is almost true but there are no dates along with the information provided! This article was a huge help to me, I'm planning on visiting Jordan next year.

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This was very elpful since im doing a project on it. Thanks for all your help. This website is awesome!

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I have a research project on Jordan and couldn't find any information! This website has most of the information that I need. Realy good infromation, im doing my project about jordan. This site was very interesting. My boyfriend, Bador's family came from Jordan when his dad was young. I wanted to learn more about Jordan's culture. I know a lot about Islam already but it was nice to learn about the country itself.

Well I have a question. I met someone from jordan who is staying here in MI. He says he's got an arranged marriage for him back home but doesn't want it. He would rather choose who he wants. Is this possible for him to still choose who he wants to mary. He seems like he knows what he wants but I guess family isn't too happy about it.

Dating a Jordanian Man- Difference in Culture?

I really don't know alot about his culture and how everything is done. Can he make the choice of a girl that he wants to be with? Does he have to go back to jordan and do something that he doesn't want to do. I wish I had answers. I would like to get to know him more but he's worried what will happen to his family.

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Site was found to be helpful, but if a man from Jordan marries an american, do their cultural traditions remain in tact if they are living in America? AL Tal family is one of the most important political families in Jordan. Zanny I've been there and I wish there was a straight answer to your question. It's all complicated and I think it depends more on his relation with his family rather than 'the Jordanian culture'. Intercultural marriages do exist in Jordan. There are cases of married Western women and Jordanian men, even in villages.

The man you're talking about might be the eldest son in his family or he may feel obliged to keep up with the tradition. What I know is that he is more or less held responsible for the relationship of his mother and future wife; this must go well! If he is the eldest son, he probably must continue the family name.

Besides that, intersanguin relationships are quite common in the Jordanian? My husband to be is Jordanian. I have loved the information since its giving the open door to his culture. Thank you so much. Thank you for the abundance of information about Jordan. Where could I find info on appropriate clothing or common dress in Jordan?

This website is a great source but you could put things about the economic activity but very helpful for my project. The best place to be is a place where u can learnt about different cultural backgrounds. Can there be more information on the social and cultural background of Jordan? How is Jordan as a country different from Israel? I found this information very helpful in understanding certain things that I thought was odd behavior. I know more about the culture in ways my neighbor wouldn't have been able to express to me herself.

Thanks for the information! Knowing about the cultural differences helps when you are making new friends! Maybe this Article could also explain how Jordanians pass on their tradition as well. I am italian, converted to Jslam and married with a jordanian woman from a beduin family. I enjoy read this site but now many things are changing specially in the women status. In Jordan women get every time more freedom and are very good wifes. If you ask a Jordanian woman what she want from life she will tell you: I love my wife and I am very happy to live in Jordan.

Jordan it is a very beautiful country with very nice people and a great King. This site has been very helpful,as I have a new friend from Jordan and would like to learn her customs. Thank you for this site,,, i learn more about Jordan and other concern. And then she marries him and he doesnt allow her to call home anylonger?

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My daughter has done this and she has two kids here and she thinks she is only going for 2 weeks but from the things he has said to me is different. What are things they all have in common, despite the difference in culture? Jack Geo well we all speak Arabic; that's something we have in common.


And nowadays most Palestinians and Jordanians are hard to distinguish from each other. But yes, most of the population is originally from Palestine. And Jack, Palestine's culture might have been significantly different than that of Jordan's back before the immigration of Palestinians to Jordan, but as I said, now we are very similar. And as someone said above, the information about "Gender role" and the marriage stuff is like 60 years old and even then it wasn't as predominant as the writer makes it seem.

Many Muslim women don't cover there heads with scarves and we aren't as "traditional" or "cultural" as this article makes us seem. Maybe this holds true for many, many years ago though. Christians' holidays are also celebrated over here, or more like considered as "official" holidays. I don't think it's true that women must have permission from their husbands to travel. That's more like Saudi. I live in Jordan with my husband, and when I left last month with our 2-year old son to visit the States, no one said a thing about it.

My son also carries his dad's last name while I still have my maiden name, and my son looks nothing like me, but no one said anything about me taking him. Also I know many Jordanian women who are much more career oriented than husband-oriented and I don't necessarily think this is a good thing. Their lives aren't controlled by their husbands, though they do respect marriage and therefore try to compromise for the sake of the relationship -- just like American women who are in successful marriages.

But they aren't like slaves the way this site makes them sound. And women can divorce their husbands, too. I know some divorcees who won custody over the kids due to having abusive or neglectful husbands.