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The app, which is completely free, is now available for iOS and Windows Phone users, but not for Android yet. The Android version is still in the development stage and will be released in one and a half months.

7 Reasons Singles In Dubai Are Ditching Tinder And Bumble For This European Newcomer

To be able to use the platform, UAE residents, who must be over 18 years old, only need to have a smartphone and a Facebook account. On the request of some Jeltee members, the founders are working to extend the chat connection time after matched users have agreed to meet in person, so that they can continue talking online before the actual meeting. A new version will be introduced later, allowing users to continue their communication for another seven days, but only if they agree to meet.

However, even before it could hit mainstream, the mobile app is attracting negative feedback, with some people citing that the new service is a copy of Tinder.

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The limited chat function is also seen to discourage some users. You see photos of people and you say if you like them or not. We put focus on venue discovery and offline networking while Tinder only connects people. Iran Sees Economy Saviour in Blockchain.


Egypt to Have New Taxation System by Two expats launch new app for meeting people in the UAE 'Tinder-like': Two expats launch new app for meeting people in the UAE 4. The app, which is completely free, is now available for iOS and Windows Phone users.

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4 dating apps in the Middle East and Dubai, UAE, you might want to try

Disable alert for Ashot Mnatsakanyan. Click here to add Rafael Harutyunyan as an alert. Click here to remove the Rafael Harutyunyan alert. Disable alert for Rafael Harutyunyan. He told me he felt like we knew each other, although we had not met yet, and that he strongly believed our lives had crossed paths for a reason. After a month he admitted he was falling in love with me and that the anticipation of our meeting was consuming him.

He also told me he was ready to marry me and wanted me to have his baby. He even considered coming to Italy to meet my parents. Everything I'm saying was supported by voice notes, his tone, his words sounded so genuine and every time I showed him doubts about this online, he begged me to give him a chance at least to meet up. He was always calm and sweet, ready to placate me with lovely words that every girl on Earth would love to be told - even the smartest!

Real Life: A Dubai Woman's Tinder Online Dating Nightmare

I mean, I suspected once in a while he might have chatted with some other girls as we never physically met but I never doubted he was totally into me. He convinced me and I convinced myself we were actually dating and that he was my man. I shared with him intimate details of my past life, photos of me and my family, and even worse A couple of months later, while I was on vacation in London, I saw a pic of him on Instagram and noticed a girl's comment.

My TOP 10 apps for Dubai residents and tourists in 2018.

I was irritated and commented on it to see the girl's reaction. When he saw the comment he totally went mad and told me I was inappropriate as "Instagram is not a place to get into fights with random people. I soon realized he'd deactivated the account, then he said he was about to go on a night operation and he would message me later. The day after his phone was off so I thought he must be in mission. I was worried but kept telling myself that if his phone was off he was probably unable to answer due to security reasons it had happened during the two months but not for more than a couple of days.

After eight days, I totally went crazy as I had no way whatsoever to touch base with him at least to make sure he was okay and not hurt. Being stubborn by nature I decided to investigate and so for three days I checked him out online until I found a secondary Facebook profile to the one I already knew about, which was available only to his relatives. I checked out the two profiles looking for any contact or useful information to figure something out A simple comment from a girl on a picture.

I clicked on her profile Her profile said 'in a relationship with' the same guy I have been dating. I decided to be brave and contact her, kindly introducing myself, and told her I was looking for nothing but truth. She confirmed the two were dating for the past eight months, they even share a place in Florida. We shared screenshots of his conversations with both of us and it was almost a copy and paste job, she told me the truth about him and the fact that he was even lying about his work. After facing him she almost forced him to touch base with me to give me the apology I deserved.

After few days and only to impress her as he expected me to show her the conversation he wrote to me on Skype.